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Is this game relevant to me?

  • You are longing for some old school Point & Click adventure fun?
  • You need a real challenge and love the Adventure Games from the Sierra era?
  • You are into story rich games with a lot to read, learn and explore, like in the good old Jane Jensen times?

Then seek no further my friend, this game is made for you.

But be aware, I can guarantee you, this will be as frustratingly hard as in the old days !!!

What is this game about?

Embark on a journey to unravel a long lost mystery, explore the old town of the beautiful city of Heidelberg, Germany in this interactive novel.


  • Sierra-style classic Point & Click Adventure Game
  • Day 1 to 3 (of 9 in total) with an estimated 4 hours of gameplay 
  • Text-to-speech option for english language 
  • No hint mechanics, ergo no casual adventure game, experience with adventure games is advised


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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hello! Loving the game. But I’m stuck. I need to get into the police station to use the phone book but the police think I’m a murderer. I’ve used glove with robe, guessing I need to make a disguise but I can’t work it out! Help!

There’s another phone book at the airport.

Best regards

ah I feel like an idiot :) Thanks! Looking forward to part 2. Any update on when that might be?

I’m absolutely loving this game, however I’m pretty stuck and would be so grateful for any help regarding the coordinates, the quote is really stressing me out, Having read the 2 hints given to previous poster, I’m okay with the inventory combo point but stuck completely on the quote, I would be unbelievably grateful for a hint, do I need to be in a certain location with the letter for example? Thank you to any Good Samaritan out there in these crazy lockdown times, this game is my lifeline right now :-) 

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Hi there,

thanks for playing my game, I'm glad you like it. 

Regarding the quote, I hid another hint for this puzzle in the game, which gets revealed when you use the magnifier on the quote. But as always it's a very vague hint, hope this helps to push you in the right direction.

Best regards Christian

Thank you so much, Your game is epic, one of the best puzzle games out there for those that like to really work their brains, I love that I have to persevere and the aha moments have been so enjoyable, I think I already know where to look now and was almost there and kicking myself, thank you for your kind reply, again fantastic game! 

Your welcome, if you need more hints just ask, day 3 will also be a hard nut to crack.

I made it to the library, thank you so much, I was going down the right path but doubted myself so your help put me back on it again, I’ve never felt so much satisfaction from an adventure game before and I think that not being able to cheat has made this game extra special, your vague hints are the perfect level of guidance, no doubt il be stumped again at some point:-) 

I'm glad you made it. I'm not a big fan of walkthroughs, they almost always spoil the experience for me. I prefer hints. :-)


help stuck again. This game is super challenging like you said. Am in the room in university. Found clue on card and now can’t do anything else to get  out.  Grrr frustrated.


--- Warning spoilers below ---

Try some magnification.

Best regards Christian

With out giving away to much ive magnified two items that have accepted magnification. One from drawer and the corpse.I’ve tried magnifying everything but still can’t leave I’ve even tried items in box x

--- Warning spoilers below ---

There are multiple hotspots on the corpse.

Best regards Christian

yes I did it am in Mexico.Phew that was hard to find. That was brilliant so glad I’ve completed it but gutted it’s over. When will part 2 be out can’t wait to Play and see where story goes. 

Sorry, I can't give you a release date for part 2, my games are always ready when they are ready. 😁

Best regards Christian

loving the game. Just need help I’ve got the robe but stuck on going further. Stuck after university police out of office and   Can’t get key 

Did you try the hints I gave Bing55 a couple of posts below this post?

Best regards Christian

yes put phone in envelope but can’t give it to the cop. Would love another hint please. Been on this for months on and off and can’t give it up

also tried interacting with everything item to item etc

Ok another vague hint.

--- Warning spoilers below ---

Take a closer look at your phone.

Best regards Christian

Thankyou got it. Wow relief now I can play on. Brilliant game by the way. Just the sort of game I love and hard to get many like this. So glad managed to get help After searching for ages and didn’t give up. Thanks for reply. 

help!  How do I get the day to change so I can get to the bank?  I’ve done everything I know of to do!

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On each day there are several tasks that have to be performed before you can advance to the next day. On day 2, unraveling the bank location is only one of these. That's why it's hard to say what exactly you are missing here, I can't send PM's on itch so please contact me by mail at contact@cunum.com if you are in desperate need of help.

Best regards Christian

Hi Christian, really enjoying the game but I’m stuck and wondering if it’s a bug. I’m in Glocke’s office but it won’t let me leave without my phone, but the phone is nowhere to be found. Cheers

Hi there, you are stuck on day 3 I presume, after you picked up the police badge? If so the phone should be in the envelope on the table.

thanks yes I am- I can see an envelope on the table but can’t interact with it... I have another envelope in my inventory because the professor gave me another one (I was trying to figure out what to do earlier and went through the same dialogue), so maybe that’s why? 

Lol ok, yeah seems to be a bug, she shouldn't be able to hand out multiple envelopes, I'll see that this is fixed in the next version.

I think there's still a way for you to progress with this corrupt game state because of the bug BING55 reported a couple days ago:

First tap on the divine comedy book in the toolbox. When you are in the book scene hard exit (force close) the application, don't exit over the menu, just kill the app, e.g in iOS or android swipe the application up, on windows use task manager etc. When closed, start the app again and press resume game in the menu, you are back at the book scene. Now press the white X on bottom right and you are warped back to the bookstore and not trapped in the police office anymore.

To get back your phone enter the private room of the bookstore and grab it (like you already did on day 1) from the desk.

After that the game state is valid again and you can proceed.

Awesome thanks so much, it worked! Really glad I can keep going with the game. Thanks for making it - it’s got everything: challenges and it’s really funny too. Please keep making games. Cheers :)

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I'm glad it worked. Thanks for reporting the bug, have fun and stay safe.

I got stuck on day 3 after came out the university.The police is out of the office.And the female professor won't give me the key.Also can't figure out how to open the ancient pendant.Completely have no idea what to do next.

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The university puzzle requires some rather abstract problem solving. I'm only giving out vague hints here, because I don't want to spoil the puzzling fun. After all, besides the story, that's what adventures are all about. So be aware, like with the other hints, this puzzle will still be hard as f***.

Best regards Christian

--- Warning spoilers below ---

As the university professor told you, she will only hand out the key to a police officer.

As the police officer told you, he won't let you inside the police office without Glocke's approval.

Pay attention to the item the professor gave you, Item - Item interaction is possible.

I put my phone in the envelope and gave it to the cop at the front desk, but when I got back to the bookstore, the phone was on the desk again. Is that a bug?

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Hi there,

just checked it, you are right, thanks for reporting these. Both strange occurrences are bugs indeed, you can ignore these, they are not game breaking and should not happen. You shouldn't be able to pick up the phone again at the bookstore after you gave it away. I'll see they are fixed in the next version.

Best regards Christian

Will this bug affect the next step of the game? Because nothing new happened after I handed over the envelope and the phone.

No, the bug won't affect progress, it's just a little confusing for users who discover it.

Just placing the phone into the police office won't get you inside, there is still another step you have to perform.

And when I put the pendant on the rusty barrel in front of the iron door, Peter would show up and talk to me.Is that a bug?

Yeah, it's a wrongly triggered dialogue, this shouldn't happen, you can ignore this. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting.

Best regards Christian

Judging from Steam and elsewhere it looks like nobody is currently playing this game.

--- Warning spoilers below ---

I solved the coordinates puzzle and now have a gate which does not open, other objects that you can't interact with. Obviously there is something more to do as I can't visit the hotel. The only possibly clues might be the plaques and flags. The stuff from the shore does not help in any way. The tower also does not allow any interaction. Is it a another case of missing a hotspot somewhere? I have spent ages looking for some action I am allowed, but nothing works. When future actions are not apparent, I start to wonder if a bug might be a factor.

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There are always some active players because it's running on 5 different platforms, but you can imagine, a game like this is very niche and caters to a very specific crowd. When all three parts are complete, I plan to release a Definite Edition with all parts included as well as a hint system (like hotspot highlighting), so it can appeal to a broader audience. At the moment this is a game for hardcore enthusiasts only, I hope the description is clear on that.

Another hint, but be aware, day 3 will not be easier, maybe a bit more guided.

Best regards Christian

--- Warning spoilers below ---

There are no bugs 🤪, well not in this case.

The most obvious gateway is not always the correct one, sometimes you have to look to your left and right to find what you are looking for.

Lol I'm starting to sound like a tibetan monk.

Stuck in the game trying to work out what coordinates to key into mobile phone. No help seems to exist on the web. Seems a shame if there are no clues in game as to where to get values for the blanked out numbers on the letter, and forced to give up.

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Ok I'll give you two vague hints, because most players seem to struggle with this puzzle. But be aware, even with the hints this puzzle will be hard to crack.

Best regards Christian

--- Warning spoilers below ---

Pay close attention to the quote at the front of the letter, you are probably missing an item.

Inventory interactions are possible on different hotspots of the letter.

Looks and sounds interesting to me. However I have to admit while I find the overall graphical style very appealing I don't like the filter.  Is there a way to play the game without the filter?


I'm sorry , this is not possible at the moment. The filter is meant to recreate the pixel art style of the classic adventure era without an actual pixelation of the screen. But that's definitely a good idea to be able to switch between modern and classic style. After distribution (Steam and Android are still missing) is done I'll implement a switch in the options for this.

Best regards Christian